At last, a complete
healing thanks to the
Perna Canaliculus!

A true revolution in the treatment of rheumatism and arthritis: The Perna Canaliculus!
Rediscovered by Dr. Mickael J. Fletcher and his team, composed of biologists, in the depth of the Pacific Ocean, near the New Zealand Riviera, the Perna Canaliculus, commonly called greenshell mussel, is a very ancient variety of the mollusk. It provides nutritive elements needed for the constitution of connective tissues and cartilage as well as articular fluid!
Thus, these thousand-year-old mollusks are a wonderment high in mucololysaccharide (MPS), a connective fiber! MPS can be found in any cell, in mucus and in synovial liquid, lubricating joints.

The Perna canaliculus also possesses anti-oxidizing virtues which can reinforce the fight against degeneration and joints ageing.

More than a treatment against pain, It is also an amazing source of prevention!

Devising a
super-effective treatment...
Eco-Flex stops your pain instantly and reconstructs your worn cartilage!
At Last a
100% natural
Doctor Mickael J. Fletcher has developed, from the prodigious Perna Canaliculus, an alternative solution to the usual allopathic treatment, which have too many considerable side-effects for the patients. This solution stops pain and in addition regenerated bone cartilage, the loss of which is responsible for rheumatism and arthritis.

Provides essential nutrients needed for the complete reconstruction of your worn cartilage!
Stops your pains and heals your inflammations!
Boost the assimilation of nutrients. You will be cured 3 times faster!
We have all made the mistake of taking anti-inflammatory medicines and painkillers which don't prevent cartilaginous degeneration but only conceal those symptoms. Most often, they come with prescriptions of gastric protectors in order to bear the effects. ECO-FLEX is different, 100% natural, no contraindication. It is not a noxious treatment but super-efficient and it will be good for you!          
ECO-FLEX is the most complete remedy ever formulated; containing anti-inflamatory agents, pain relieving agents, holistic healing agents and most importantly, rebuilding, repairing and prevention agents. ECO-FLEX includes Boswellin which has been granted a patent by the U.S> Government for use in the treatment of arthritis and joint pain.


Results prove it!
In 30 days, the heavy hip arthritis
has disappeared.
This 65 year old patient has difficulties moving by herself and has to use a cane. She limps and can no longer lean on her hip.
With this patient, we noticed heavy hip arthritis due to the destruction of almost all cartilage.

Medical prescription: This patient should have a surgery and a hip prosthesis fitting in a few months.

After only 30 days of treatment with Eco-Flex, the bone cartilage mass increased by 42%!
The patient regained most of her mobility
and does not need a cane anymore. Her hip
no longer needs a prosthetic operation.

of the first symptoms, in order to avoid joints weakening. Even if you do not feel paine at this time. It seems likely that wear and tear has already started! I advice you to undergo an ECO-FLEX preventive treatment.
to the amazing of the Perna Canaliculus, it heals both consequences and causes of your rheumatism, in order to make them disappear naturally.
Dr. M.J. Fletcher: First of all, ECO-FLEX is a product 100% healthy, natural, with no contra indications nor side effects, contrary to usual allopathic treatments. But above all, ECO-FLEX takes effect on the cartilage reconstruction, in addition to healing the pains that make you suffer in everyday life. Thanks. Dr. M.J. Fletcher: Yes, it is scientifically proven! Wherever your articular pain or inflammation is situated. ECO-FLEX is capable of healing it! This extraordinary capacity is due to the Perna Canaliculus association to plants and the powerful nutrients known for their beneficial effects on articular pain and inflammation.
Dr. M.J. Fletcher: Indeed, you should be concerned, everyone should be concerned! Athletes, overweight people, seniors, there are thousands of ways to call upon our joints during our lifetime. therefore, it is important to take care of this before the appearance.

Finally say goodbye to all
your rheumatism!
"The end of a plague? At last an effective treatment for everyone who suffers."
(Health News)

"Eco-Flex has a prosthesis fitting to millions of patients across the world."
(Rheumatism Journal)

"A bio-marine innovation on the road to win the scientific discovery prize of the 21st century? It's likely to be so!"
(Scientific Direct)

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